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Nantong Senbo Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd


  • 1 hour

    Humanized and simple operation, one hour learning to work

  • 90 %

    Feasible solutions can be customized according to customers' industries and products, with customer satisfaction rate up to 90%

  • 5 times

    Compared with traditional production machines, it can provide 5 times of working efficiency and reduce 5 times of labor cost

  • 8760 hours

    8760 hours continuous operation without shutdown


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Nantong Senbo Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Rugao City, which is a famous historical and cultural city in Jiangsu Province, the capital of Chinese Bonsai, and the world longevity and health preservation paradise. The company is close to national highway 204, 30 kilometers away from Nantong Xingdong airport and Ningtong expressway, and only 3 hours away from Shanghai, an international metropolis. Its terrain and traffic advantages are obvious.

The company is a professional manufacturer of kneaders, integrating R & D and production. The main products are: 20l-8000l strong mixer, planetary mixer, power mixer, methylcellulose / hydroxypropyl methylcellulose / hydroxyethyl cellulose and other complete equipment, general / heavy-duty and vacuum kneader, high-speed kneader, mixer, horizontal double screw mixer, vacuum rake dryer and other series.

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